/You should see this four Web Series on Netflix in this birth 2020

You should see this four Web Series on Netflix in this birth 2020

You should see this four Web Series on Netflix in this birth

Getting bored sitting at home? Is feeling like trapped? Does it feel like there is rust in this world? So don’t panic, I have some lubricants to smooth it out.

There are four series. All four on netflix. Totally different type. Life, love, love and illusion. But one thing is common. This will make life smooth. Just put them in the chain of binge watch, rotate the paddle and then see the magic. Life will be a bicycle on the road of asphalt.

After watching these four series, when you get out of the lockdown, the light around the head will be light. Friends and relatives will ask whether any Bodhi tree has been grown in the house. In response, you will remove your smartphone with a smile of Buddha and forward them to this list.

So the new age riders of spiritual paths, here are four magical series.

1. Our Planet (Our Planet, 2019)


Our planet (Earth). Whenever the story of people living in this planet is told, there is always a ‘human bias’ in it. But there are millions of such stories on earth, which are happening after saving the eyes from humans. R Planet is the best book of those stories. Apart from humans, the living creatures on the earth, such stories will not be found anywhere else.

We are still surrounded by a disaster. Intermittent questions are also arising – are Homo sapiens suffering the fruits of their actions? This will not be the right time to watch this series. If you look carefully, you will definitely get the answer to this question.

If you want to write a few words to compliment this series – Engaging Content. Beautiful Narration. Very fine work of the camera. And a must watch for every person living on this planet.

The best part of this series is that there are some important suggestions for us in every episode of it. What should we do so that life on this lovely planet of ours continues to laugh and play like this.

2. Sex Education, 2019


Residents of the country where most schools have a chapter with Reproduction are skipped. View all teens, adults and old people. What is left incomplete in school education, this is a study to complete it.

Will not go on its name. It is not just sex education. In this, there are many education like relationship education, teenage education, society education, how to make children grow up.

Its name is sex education, it also does not mean that it will be limited to boring and penis-vaginal diagrams. You will get a great storyline, which is designed so brilliantly that it covers almost all the important things.

I believe that this series should be shown compulsorily to children of 9th, 10th in schools. In a country which is prone to sexual crimes and incidents of #MeToo every fifth year, it must be seen there. At the time in which we are living, it is far ahead of that.

Sure look Will be fun Feel good Emotions will take place Would like to go to school again. You will get to learn a lot. And bonus – it also has a very good love story.

3. Little Things (Little Things, 2016–19, season three)


To start with, a typical modern Indian romance. Is a boy. Is a girl. Both love And are in a live-in relationship. But as you move forward, you will feel modern Indian but not a typical romance.

First you will get into the ‘small things’ of Dhruv and Kavya. Will solve it again. And your thought process will resolve with them. This is one of the few Indian series that has been written since health. If there is a big factor who has brought it to my list, then it is the writing part of it. Me and our editor Saurabh Dwivedi were talking about it. He also said the first thing about it. Justice has also been done in writing with acting. It is probably because its writer Dhruv Gupta has played the character of Dhruv, one of the two Protagonists.

You don’t have Netflix, no problem. Its first season will be found on YouTube for free. The first season was made by Dice Media. Then Netflix liked it, so its second and third seasons were made by Netflix. By the way, Netflix likes the first season is also a rating in itself. So look and look closely at the ‘Little Things’ of Dhruva and Kavya’s life.

4. Rick and Morty (Rick and Morty, 2013–20, four seasons)


Everything is illusion. It does not look like this, it will start after seeing it. This series is for saints. Not Old Monk, New Monk. The philosophy of nihilism has been threaded into dark comedy and science fiction in such a way that don’t ask.

There is an old maternal grandfather named Rick Sánchez. And she has a grandson named Morty. You must be thinking that Nana will be dull and grandchild This will definitely happen, but in a parallel universe. 

Nana is a scientist here. And grandson is absolutely innocent. Nana is not a scientist like this. He is an alcoholic scientist. They are adamant with relatives. They fight with the aliens. And sometimes pickles rot without talking. ‘Pickle Rick’, one of my favorite episodes.

It is the masterpiece of adult comedy world. It is not just tight words, but very tight, suggestive and experimental questions are filled with tight words. Seeing this series, you will understand how powerful the animation is. And it would also seem that if there was no animation, then

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