/Hasmukh Web series all episodes 720p, 480p, BluRay-x264-Hindi Released! Watch on Netflix.

Hasmukh Web series all episodes 720p, 480p, BluRay-x264-Hindi Released! Watch on Netflix.

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Digital Review: Hasmukh

Artists: Veer Das, Ranveer Shourie, Inamul Haque, Amrita Bagchi, Suhail Nayyar, Shantanu Ghatak, Manoj Pahwa, Raza Murad and Ravi Kishan.
Director: Nikhil Gonsalves
OTT: Netflix
Rating: ** **

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Hasmukh web series (2020)
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Story of Hasmukh Web series

What people are watching the most on Netflix at this time, in this list, series and movies keep going up and down. While people are watching the old series in the ongoing lockdown due to the corona virus, the new series is also spreading its fire. After the release of Veer Das and Ranveer Shorey starrer web series Hasmukh, there has been a lot of change in the top-10 once again. Let’s know what people are watching most on Netflix right now …

Veer Das starrer web series ‘Hasmukh’ was released on Netflix on Friday, 17 April. This series is released, it is covered. The audience is getting great response. This dork comedy series is currently at the top. Having been at number one for a long time, the Spanish web series ‘Money Heist’ has come down one position. At the same time, some new entries have also been made in the top-5. 
At number three is the Netflix original ‘Two Hot Handles’. At the same time, at number four is Arjun Reddy star Vijay Devarkond’s film ‘World Famous Lover’. At the same time, at number five is the Netflix original web series ‘Fauda’. Its third season has also been released recently.
Born in Dehradun and educated in Nigeria, Veer Das, a stand up comedian, has an old association with acting. She also caught the attention of people in Delhi Belly, Badmaash Company and Go Goa Gone. A few days ago he appeared on Netflix in ‘Veer Das: For India’, where it is claimed that he is enjoying Indian history from Vedas to Vasco di Gama. 
Here, he is seen enjoying his own knowledge in Hasmukh. While writing Hindi, the entire game hinges on where the dot is to be placed. So, the fine difference between Cheerful and Hasmukh is also the walking line of this series. Here Veer Das has a tall bamboos in both his hands and has to walk on a string tied in the air like a nut.
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As the rules for writing the review have been made, it is necessary to tell the story of the series first. It is more important here because Veer Das’s name is included in every major work of this series. He has his concept, he is also a producer and he is also included in the team of this series of half dozen writers. The story is about a boy who is addicted to stand-up comedy. 
The master does not give him a chance, so before a program, he messes with him. The master is martyred with an angry knife and the comedy hormones within the boy erupt. Now, just like it happens in small cities, if there is a kindness here, then he becomes a cheerful wrestler. The story takes off from here and loses both its height and its speed as it lands in the comedy morass of the Mumbai TV industry.
If you feel like reading the review even further, then let us tell you to do it at your own risk because watching 10 episodes of Hasmukh series is not less than any risk. Fires like scrap smelting furnaces of Saharanpur are not in this series. Manoj Pahwa, who became a master, keeps telling the disciples the same by applying a little more powder every time. 
Nikhil Gonsalves can tell why it is necessary for the ghost to appear cut off. Fida aunty wala Angle on nephew also weakens the series, apart from this there is no need to become a Mazahiya poet like Chirkan to make a black comedy. The biggest drawback of the series’ story is that the focus here is not on the first season of the series, but everyone is just feeling that it should save something to give Netflix money to make the second season. So, in the process of thinking ahead, Veer Das and his troupe are spoiling their present work.
This series named Hasmukh constantly wants to watch the entire series, but after every episode, it also seems that the matter is not frozen by some rules, and by the end of the episode, the entire raita falls apart. That is because the curd of the story does not freeze properly. 
Veer Das’s series Hasmukh is exactly the same Ardas whose flame is kept on increasing by pouring camphor repeatedly so that the offering keeps climbing. The desire to end the story at a good turn is here, but the series deviates when Hasmukh bribes lawyers collectively in a bid to make social and political comments, sometimes announces demonetization through Kejriwal, Modi, Mayawati Confuse is a human being. 
Hasmukh is a weak series of Veer Das both in terms of writing and acting. The point to be seen here is that the first person who gets killed at the hands of Hasmukh is not murdered. Suddenly, a knife that comes in his hand cuts Gulati’s throat. This is the difference between 302 and 304. For the acting also, the tone of the speech that Virdas took is not of Saharanpur at all. What is the tone of Saharanpur, Inamul Haque has spoken in the climax?

Ranveer Shorey also managed to make an impact as Jimmy the Maker. Some of his scenes really leave an impact, such as throwing Gulati’s skull back in the furnace or his love affair with the channel’s executive. The scene with Neelkanth Tripathi is also good. Apart from these, Amrita Bagchi, Shantanu Ghatak, and Raza Murad have also done a great job. 

Suhail Nayyar’s character could have been written a bit better. Ravi Kishan has now become an MP, so he should desist from playing such wild characters. He has an amazing actor within him, but now perhaps he does not have the hunger to play a classy character, he is happy only by taking a break on the IMA disco dancer. 

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