/Fight between YouTuber Carry Minati and Tik Tok user Amir Siddiqui on Twitter

Fight between YouTuber Carry Minati and Tik Tok user Amir Siddiqui on Twitter

What YouTuber Carry Minati recently did Roast video on famous tiktok user Amir Siddiqui is that a fight has broken out between Carry Minati and Amir Siddiqui’s fans on Twitter. #skirt, #AmirSiddiqui, #carryminatiroast and #tiktokers are trending these hashtags on Twitter

There has been an earthquake of Memes

lot of Memes goes viral in the Twitter between YouTuber Carry Minati and tik tok user Amir Siddiqui’s fan. A round of funny memes and tweets from YouTube vs TikTok and Carry Minati Vs Amir Siddiqui has started on Twitter. Explain that the Tik Tok community has long hated cringe content, but when Aamir Siddiqui challenged YouTubers to show them his place, Carry Minati was annoyed. The video in which carry Minati targeted TikTokr Aamir Siddiqui goes viral.


Record breaking video of Carry Minati

While the video received 55 million views & 9.4 Million Likes in just 3 days (Recorded @ 12 May 2020, 03:30 pm), This is the biggest acchivement by any single youtuber in world. In this video, Carrie Minati plays different Tickcock videos to explain why she has been disliked by Tiktokers. The videos are about all the creators of YouTube Vs TikTok, who is better than whom. However, according to us, funny memes and jokes on Carry Minati’s video seem to be winning this race, as #CarryMinati is trending top on Twitter. Let it be known that funny YouTube vs TikTok memes are also running a lot on social media. Also #skirt, #AmirSiddiqui, #carryminatiroast and #tiktokers are trending these hashtags on Twitter.

If you are unfamiliar with this Tik Tok and YouTubers controversy, let us know. TikToker Amir Siddiqui made a video targeting YouTubers in which he showed how YouTubers are copying his videos. Defending the Tik Tok community, Aamir said that hatred was being spread against him without any reason. Carry Minati made fun of this video and made memes about tiktokers on YouTube.

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