/One call & Problem solved … Sonu issued Toll free number for those who stuck in Mumbai.
sonu sood issued toll free number

One call & Problem solved … Sonu issued Toll free number for those who stuck in Mumbai.

Sonu issued Toll free number migrants stuck in Mumbai

Sonu issued Toll free number for migrants stuck in Mumbai

Actor Sonu Sood has started a bus service for migrants who stuck in Mumbai, taking the migrants to their hometowns. So far, Sonu Sood’s team has successfully transported more than 1,200 people.

In particular, Sonu has said that we will continue this work until the last laborer. Citizens who stuck in Mumbai and in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, or any other state because of the lockdown they were sent by Sonu Sood with the permission of the state government. For this, Sonu Sood has now issued a toll-free number.

Actor Sonu Sood has become an angel for migrant workers during the lockdown.

Over the past few days, Sonu has sent thousands of migrant workers stuck due to the lockdown to their homes. Sonu’s work is being appreciated from all. Recently Ajay Devgan

has also appreciated Sonu Sood.

Sonu is trending on social media.

So, Sonu Sood is also being appreciated by the working class and celebrities.Some youths from Bihar had expressed their desire to erect a statue of Sonu Sood. However, Sonu replied that the money should be used to help the poor.

Until today, Sonu was tagged on her Twitter account asking for help. Now, Sonu has issued a toll free number for migrant peoples. Source

My dear brothers and sisters, if you are in Mumbai and want to go to your home. So, please contact us from this toll free number 18001213711. Give information about how many people you have, where you are and where you want to go. My team will help you in any way possible, Sonu tweeted.

Bollywood’s Singham Ajay Devgn has praised Sonu’s work.

Meanwhile, some politicians have called Sonu’s work a publicity stunt. Sonu answered this while talking to a news channel.

‘I don’t need any publicity. I’m helping the workers. Those whose hands are not currently working. Parents have traveled hundreds of miles with their young children. Let them know their pain. I am trying to alleviate this pain. I did not call any media person. I get messages from many media persons that you send a labor bus, call us. But I have not fallen into any such publicity trap. Hundreds of calls and messages are coming every day to go home. I can’t handle this alone. So I have formed a team, they are looking after all the work, ‘said Sonu.

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