/The Raikar case S01 web series all episodes 2020 voot| leaked online?

The Raikar case S01 web series all episodes 2020 voot| leaked online?

The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020 all episodes leaked online platform!

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About The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020

  • Series – The Raikar Case
  • Star Cast – Atul Kulkarni, Ashwini Bhave, Parul Gulati, Neil Bhoopalam, Lalit Prabhakar
  • Director – Aditya Sarpotdar
  • Released on – Voot Select 
  • Rating – ***1/2 (3.5)

Story-line of The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020

This series has been released on Voot Select. This series is a suspense thriller in which a whole family seems confused. If you too are looking to watch this series in this lockdown then must read its review here first.

For any human being, his family plays the most important role in his life. Due to Corona virus, lockdown has once again made people understand the importance of their home and family. 

These days everyone is in their homes and spending time with families. At such a time, this series has been released on Voot Select the story runs around the family.

However, this series is a suspense thriller in which a whole family seems confused. Its story is of a family that is not together but together. In this, the story of the hollow relationship between money and status is woven in a very special way. 


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The Raikar case season01 web series (2020)
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Story of The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020

The story of this series is about the family of Yashwant Naik Raikar (Atul Kulkarni), a businessman from Goa. Raikar’s is a well-known family and has a special status in Goa. Raikar is in cashew business and also has a lot of influence on the politics there. Yashwant’s relationship is very good with politician Rajasekhar Rane (Ajay Puskar).

Rajasekhar wants to get Yashwant a Rajya Sabha seat. Apart from this, he has two children in Yashwant’s family, Etasha Naik Raikar (Parul Gulati) and Mohit Naik Raikar (Kunal Karan Kapoor). At the same time, Yashwant’s wife Sakshi Nayak Raikar (Ashwini Bhave) stands firmly with him.
At the same time, Yashwant trusts his daughter Etasha more than his son Mohit. There is a sudden stir in this business family when Tarun, son of Yashwant’s brother, commits suicide. Four years ago, Yashwant’s brother and his niece died in a road accident in a road accident. 

But four years after this death, an informer tells Tarun that in reality his father and sister’s death was not an accident but a murder. Tarun tries to get to the bottom of the matter without telling anyone and in the meantime he commits suicide one night.

Tarun was very close to his cousin Itasha and he also called her several times before she died but Itasha did not pick up the phone. The case of Tarun’s death goes to SP John Perera (Neil Bhupalam) and SP John is quite sure that it is not a suicide but a murder.

John theory behind this suggests that Tarun was 16 years old and he was soon going to be 18 years old. After becoming 18 years old, he would become the owner of the property of his deceased father. Because of not giving him property, only someone in the family has murdered him. 

Now solving this knot, many such secrets of the family come out which reveal the bitter truth of the hollow relationship of the famous family playing a hand.

Now Tarun’s death was a suicide or a murder, and if the murder was done, who did it and why. For this, you have to watch this web series completely. In your review, let us tell you that the end of this suspense thriller series will definitely surprise you.

Star Cast with character Name

  • Yashwant Naik Raikar (Atul Kulkarni)
  • Rajasekhar Rane (Ajay Purkar)
  • Etasha Naik Raikar (Parul Gulati)
  • Mohit Naik Raikar (Kunal Karan Kapoor)
  • Sakshi Nayak Raikar (Ashwini Bhave)
  • SP John Perera (Neil Bhupalam)
Etasha Naik Raikar (Parul Gulati)
Yashwant Naik Raikar (Atul Kulkarni)

Acting of The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020

Very big stars have not been cast in this web series. But according to the demand of the story, the series casting has been done best. 
In this, every actor has done justice to his character. But if we talk about the real hero of this series, then there are Ashwini Bhaves, Atul Kulkarni and Lalit Prabhakar. 
All these three actors have presented a great sample of their performance in this series.

Specially Parul Gulati nailed her roll, she perfectly fit on her roll in webseries

Direction The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020

This suspense thriller is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar. Aditya has previously directed several films. In this series, he has presented a great example of his direction. 

The most special thing of the series is that every character shown in it has been given a chance to work. You do not feel till the end that it is being forcibly pulled or extended.

The Raikar Case web series season 2  release date

This is not easy to tell exact release date of The Raikar Case web series season2, But prediction is up to next year March 2021  
Half of the shooting is completed of The Raikar Case web series season2.

Why to see & Why not to see The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020

If you are bored sitting at home in lockdown then this is a good series, which you can watch with your family.

This series shows the tangled knot of family relations, in which it has been tried to say clearly that the easiest way to overcome the difficulties is to tell the truth. In this case, it also gives a good message.

The most important and important reason is that it is a suspense thriller in which both acting and directing are excellent. Its story will keep you tied till the end.

If you are not a fan of crime suspense and you do not like these kinds of stories, then this series is not for you.

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How to and where to watch The Raikar Case season1 web series 2020 ?

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